Saturday, July 30, 2011

Door wide open - When the locals cruise in!


Eve Hemming  July 2011

When we're home, the door is often left wide open, unless there  is a chill breeze blowing the polar bears and penguins in.
Paddywag seems to attract a lot of interesting friends, who cruise in without knocking. Last week it was the local ducks who waddled in and then did a route march out again in single file.

The week before it was the Rhode Island Reds - 3 local chooks, (though I, for some absurd reason, allude to them as the 'the boys'), ascended up the stairs, through the open doorway, down the passage to make a beeline for Paddywag's doggy pellets. On respectful request, they refused to leave and proceeded to sun themselves on our veranda all the while making exultant clucks. Husband finally got the illegal tenants to evacuate using some persuasive primeval 'soosh' sounds. They didn't even bother to pay rental in the form of depositing a golden egg. The lads are generally affable, conversationally cluck away and walk the cul de sac silly. They also enjoy demolishing our garden.

Then there are the dogs; Henry the West Highland Terrier, who is the neighbourhood vagabond, cruises in and makes himself at home, as though he's a long term member of our clan. Then there's the fox terrier. I asked Husband what foxy's name is. He replied, 'He often pops in, but hasn't had the courtesy to tell me yet.' He's a high octane bloke that enjoys bouncing on our bed! The other pooches come and enjoy Paddywag's chew toys, too.

The neighbours on both sides of our home have massive vicious cats, (in Paddywag's words) - the types that have those eyes that out stare you. They haven't quite been indoors yet, as Paddyway and them are arch enemies. But they do come and peer in through the window, which means that Paddywag gets a tad anxious and makes pathetic 'Help me' whimpering noises.

That's not all. When it's Halloween, we have 'Trick or Treat'. We need to have loads of biscuits, sweets, apples, raisins, popcorn etc. stocked up. The kids aged about 2 to 15 pour in from about 5 pm - 10 pm,     
donned in witch, dragon, weir wolf, fairy, angel, goblin and whatever else costumes with big smiles and funny tricks. They're so adorable, but by 10 pm we're ready to shut the door and get some shut-eye !

Pic of Paddywag making friends with a genuine white wolf !
Now we're just waiting for the three 'lil piggies on their way to the market....

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