Friday, July 8, 2011

Showcasing Jill Charlotte and Barry @ Poppy Palace, Howick, KZN SA.

Jill hails from Hilton, KZN, South Africa, near my home city of Pietermaritzburg. 
She's an artist, a poet, a photographer and a poppy magic gardener. Barry, her first great love moved to New Zealand 
many years ago and they had lost touch. 
Theirs is a love story that is magical and thus reminiscent of 'poppy magic'. They recently found one another via face book. After an email and skype-type relationship
they were reunited and are now happily married and living at Poppy Palace. Jill and Barry's home is an exciting, colourful and creative haven from which local artists draw their inspiration, enthusiasm and energy. It's a place I visit again and again whenever I return to my beloved SA; a place where I'm privileged to feel 'at home' and where I enjoy the hospitality, warmth and creative vibe !

    Poppy Magic           is all about the unique beauty of a new variety of Iceland Poppy now grown and only available in Howick in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, South Africa. Jill Charlotte is an artist, photographer and keen gardener and grower of all kinds of poppies with Poppy Magic as the favourite. Her first love Barry has joined her at Poppy Palace and brings with him decades of experience as a landscaper and a loving gardener. This means all is even more beautiful as the garden transforms. 

jill charlotte and barry'Throughout the ages the Poppy has been an inspiration for many artists. It has been named the flower bringing joy and that it does! My life changed immeasurably  with the advent of these flowers and this is reflected in the hundreds of digital pictures I have taken which adorn our home all year long. I am captivated by their beauty and the wide range of blooms. My love for these exquisitely fragile, beautiful, unique flowers never ends but only grows. '

Jill and Barry live in a special place - 'Poppy Palace' and enjoy sharing their Poppy/garden experience with garden lovers and as many people as possible. 
    I am showcasing some of Jill's current pictures available in the form of cards and different sized prints. In this way even though the season may change and the flowers are not with us, they live on in these images.

To place an order for 
these prints or cards, 
please contact Jill for 
the pricing thereof &
for banking particulars. 

Range of cards & prints
which can be ordered
can be found on 
Jill's website 

If you would like further information about Poppy Magic, 
please contact 
Jill at or write to: 

Poppy Magic, 8 Curry's Post Road, Howick, KwaZulu-Natal,
South Africa 3290. Phone +27 033 330 4214 Cell +27 082834 0679


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