Saturday, February 9, 2013

Letter to Mr President of South Africa in News 24

Letter to Mr President    

08 February 2013, 15:04
Mr President

May I take the liberty of inquiring at what stage people should apply for political asylum elsewhere?
Should they wait till the exchange rate is utterly untenable to contemplate emigration?
Or possibly when their burglar bars, remote controls, razor wire, watch dogs and other security options have been stolen, which they can’t afford to replace?
Should they wait until their jobs have been taken and they are too old to beg ?
Should they wait till there is no more pension money in the kitty ?
Or what about till the exam pass rate is dropped to 25% leading to the standard of education being the laughing stock  of global education, rendering their children a Mickey mouse qualification and no credibility to pursue tertiary opportunities out of the country?
What about waiting until the government officials have acquired so many BMWs from the tax man’s almost empty coffers, so that more public hospitals have to be closed down as the money that grows on trees has amazingly become depleted?
Or maybe when International Antiretroviral funding stops, so that if one is ill one simply can’t get medical support, as the system is groaning and under tremendous threat ?
Or maybe when the potholes are so enormous that one’s car gets swallowed in a ‘gat’ and one can’t get out and about by public transport as its non existent?
Or possibly when one simply can’t afford a body guard?
 Just asking.
 I await your response.


Calling Immigrants or Refugees in New Zealand!

Calling Extraordinary Immigrants in New Zealand to be interviewed for my new Book..

1. My target group need to be able to speak English, else be able to provide their own interpreter/translator if their ability to respond in English is limited, else I will not be able to get a valid or adequately reliable interpretation of their responses.

2. I am not looking to interview migrant students, but rather mature people (aged between  +- 40 and 75 or older ) who have accrued life experience in their previous country before migrating.
3. I am preferably not wishing to interview people who would be described as mentally unstable or psychotic, but rather people who manifest the more normal range of pathologies associated with migration, eg- such as depression, anxiety, stress, bereavement, or just adaptation to a new culture etc.
4. I would also like to interview folk who have suffered from religious, political, sexual orientation, cultural etc persecution or discrimination and thus decided to leave their country...

5. I am not looking exclusively at a refugee population but at bona fida migrants from the top 10 countries where migrants in NZ are most likely to come from. - IE as many different cultures as possible, as a comparative way to look at which settled better re language assimilation, culture etc. too, and differing reasons for emigrating from their homelands..

6. I would prefer migrants who have been through the initial 'honeymoon stage' and have been here for at least 2 to 3 years, so that their first impressions have worn off and they have settled in to some or other degree.

6. Folk whose stories appear in the book will each get their own book.

7. Applicants will enter an agreement with me and sign a consent form. The interview process will be ethical and respectful and folk interviewed will receive support and the opportunity to externalise in a therapeutic way.

 8. The book will also provide coping strategies for migrants, (which I have also provided in my 1st book, currently at the publisher, which focuses on migrants from Southern Africa to around the world) as well as information about the country from whence the migrants hail from.

email me at if you wish to participate. Thanks  and Namaste!