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Erin Fourie - The Witness, 'KZN Idol out not down'

Show: Top 8 Song Choice
Video: Surprise, Surprise!

Article from The Witness, KZN, SA 

KZN’s Idols singer out, not down 
03 Sep 2011

Ryan Calder

“YOU’RE here! You’re really here!” exclaims Erin Fourie as I arrive at the door of the Idols house in Northcliff, Johnnesburg. She gives me a hug and there’s a sense of relief from her, as if my being there offers some reality from some kind of crazy dream … and I get a small sense of what her life has been like as she takes me through the mansion that houses the Idols contestants.
It’s after the results show, where Erin and Dene Vorster garnered the fewest votes. She’s out of the competition, but she’s got that usual glint in her eye and spring in her step as she shows me around the mansion with room for 15 contestants. It’s a far cry from where she and I know to be home, and as we sit down next to the pool outside, I ask what she’s looking forward to about getting home.
“The beach!” she says. But surely she’ll miss the Idols experience? “Not really,” she says. “It’s harder than most people think it is.”
A typical day is 10 am to 5 pm, constantly rehearsing technical and performance aspects of the weekly show. “We’re used to weeks and months of preparation for shows that Peter [Mitchell] directs, but this three or four practices, tops,” she says.
Hair and make-up takes up a lot of the time in between each contestant rehearsing their performance, and the night before requires a full dress rehearsal to make sure all aspects of the production are tight.
When I point out that the urge to watch Idols isn’t that intense back home in KZN now that she’s out of the competition, she is, as always, quick to deflect the attention off herself. “No you must!” she says. “Find another favourite and get behind them.”
She is as self-effacing as always, and while she admits to having enjoyed the big stage and the attention, she points out just how ruthless some voices in the public can be.
“There are a lot of mean people out there,” she says. “We read most of what people say about us, even if they think we don’t. Most of the time we just try to ignore it, but it does affect you. Every now and again we say something.”
One particular incident involved comments made on Twitter by a someone called Nick watching Idols.
His tweet read: “Wanna see an example of how black isn’t slimming? #Erin #IdolsSA #SAIdols #WhitePrecious”
Erin replied: “@OrsmNick That’s because I’m fat. Well done for noticing :P”
That started a conversation which eventually ended amicably.
“Sometimes by saying something it does all work out in the end. He did apologise and it ended up with me following him.
“Mark [Haze] has a theory,” she continues. “People out there don’t see us as people. They don’t relate to us as people.
“We do read all the shit they write about us. What a lot of people don’t realise is that it affects their favourites as well, because we’re all in this place together.”
It’s an astute observation, and probably completely understated given the frivolous nature of a pop show like Idols where people can jeer and jest as much as they want.
“While it has been hard, I would have liked to stay. But at the same time, I recognise that what we have been doing is not really my style of music. It’s difficult to show everything you are in two minutes,” she points out.
She’s right. Those who know her know her depth as a person and as a songwriter. So what does the future hold?
“Dunno,” she shrugs. “We’ll just have to see!” "

Erin Fourie
One has to ride the rocky road to fame... Erin is on the upward incline. U GO GAL

ERIN FOURIE in pictures

Erin Fourie

Erin Fourie

Erin hails from  the Hilton, KZN area in South Africa. Born May 1984.
She's a teacher with an honours degree in Drama,
 a song writer and musician, with a ridiculous sense of humour and a fantastic way with a guitar.

The Erin Fourie Fan Club on Face Book has grown from a few hundred when Idols  SA 2011 started to close to 2000 and counting, when I peeped this 
Saturday evening, NZ time !

Erin inspires her fans young and old. She's not the  regular shallow Idol that teeny boppers swoon about. Instead Erin offers a far richer tapestry. She's a woman with stature, carries herself with aplomb, brims with confidence and has an effortless and natural stage presence gained from experience through stage work in both drama and
 from singing in gigs. 
Erin's popularity stems not only from her stellar performances and amazing voice, but from her natural demeanour and unpretentiousness. She's great fun to be around and fantastic to listen to... our support of Erin goes back to the Hebron Haven in Dargle and Cliffy's in the PMB area days... now we will be queueing for her autograph soon !

' I have fond memories of our many escapades together. Years ago, Erin and I performed on a music circuit around Pietermaritzburg and the midlands during our varsity years. The week comprised of a range of pubs and restaurants, including the Wobbling Warthog, Zanzi-bar, Cliffy’s and Hebron Haven, with a range of other gigs scattered throughout the month as well. Everywhere we went, people marvelled at her amazing alto vocal. As much as we played together, I never grew tired of listening to her. Perhaps part of it was because Erin was always quick to divert the attention away from herself when someone started gushing. She would always steer the conversation towards something else. Those who know Erin well know of her humility and retro way – she’s a consummate singer and musician, blessed with an incredible ability to make it all look so easy.As an easy-going indie folk rocker, Erin comes across as someone so removed from pop culture frivolities (such as Idols) that she could well be the antidote for it. If she was made South Africa’s latest Idol, it would seem right. I hope she goes far, and not only does well, but blazes a new trail.
However, whatever happens in the competition,

 Erin Fourie is by far one of the most
 unique and incredible voices you will ever hear.                 
 We in the RCB wish her all the best! '
Quote - from Ryan Calder 18 July 2011

And from the  1 August 2011

'ONE down, nine to go. Erin Fourie is through to the Idols top 10, announced in a long-winded 90-minute show on 

M-Net last night.
The top 10 Idols survived not only the cut-off, but also relentless ad breaks and some dodgy guest performances, 
and came out only slightly emotionally scarred.
Fourie, who put up a stellar rendition of All The Things I’ve Done (The Killers) in last week’s show, has had many midlands and KZN fans marketing her name on social networks and campaigning on her behalf. 
Her Facebook fan page has grown by nearly 901 likes (as of last night) in the past three weeks.
Other contestants in the top five who also have a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter include 
Mark Haze, Dave van Vuuren and Freddie van’Dango.
After an hour, five names had been announced, and the judges — who were shifting around in their seats to keep blood circulation going — started commenting to host ProVerb when he asked them what they thought of the top five.
“I hope the others aren’t going to have such an agonising wait,” replied Gareth Cliff (about as direct as he could 
be on live television), while Unathi Msengana echoed his sentiments.
The show also saw performances from Lloyd Cele (last year’s Idols runner-up), as well as The Arrows, The Graeme Watkins Project, The Soap Girls and Jamalie.
The top 10 are:
Phaksy Mngomezulu, Dave van Vuuren, Crushanda Forbes, Freddie van’Dango, Mark Haze, Lefa Pike, Nolly Meje, 
Kelly Fortuin, Dene Vorster and Erin Fourie.
Get all the lowdown on Idols Season 7 and vote for your Wooden Mic winner at the official Idols Facebook page at “Idols South Africa”, on Twitter @IdolsSA and on the official Idols Season 7 website at'

So... us Erin supporters out of SA can support Erin 
via Face Book and cheer her on.
Not sure of we can vote via a website and if texts will get through from here...(NZ) - but have tried!
Anyone with tips on that please shout ! Otherwise please let's all ask our SA mates in SA to vote on our behalf...
lol Eve


Erin Fourie

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