Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Profundity's out the mouth of a South Africa teenager


 Careful Spirit 

(South Africa)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010
It was called a place defined by colour.
Discriminated were the blue people

And arrogant were the red.
Then there were the golden ones, 
Who reached through the glimmer of the rainbow
And offered hands to all.

Shocked by the brilliance of the laughing waves
Sparkling blue in the Cape.Awe inspired by the diverse trees, who, like the country's

Derive personalities from stories told by the land.
Spirits that were once overcast by history
  Now having their chance to offer their warmth,Like the sunset they view, with its radiant affectionOf soft rose-orange and yellow glow,

Leaving stars as souvenirs.
For later, the remembering of old shadows come, And the chilling of night sets in with foreboding fears.The stone-cold aggression of poverty and crime Replicating masks of past mistakes.
New battles faced from the icy dark nightsCan threaten the leftover clouds that did not disperse. For if it starts to rain the flooding will come,
And I don't want my South Africa to drown.

by Clair Melvill (15)

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