Wednesday, August 17, 2011

RWC - abstinence or hell for leather for The All Blacks ? !

Today's headlines in 
The NZ Herald...
17 /08/11

Some folk are proposing abstinence to support the All Blacks.... 
and others are saying,
 ' No ways ! Let's go hell for leather to show our support...'

Backing Black has been described as a ''tongue in cheek'' campaign which calls on All Black fans to abstain from sex during the World Cup and will be fronted by former New Zealand captain Sean Fitzpatrick. Backing Black is also endorsed by the NZRU as the All Blacks' official fan club. (from

Hmmmm is there going to be a baby boom 9 months after

 RWC, NZ ???  
Swing of the pendulum knee jerk reaction.
...That would be mid June 2012...

You Gotta love the 
Kiwis and their wacky 

The All Blacks are refusing to be drawn into the controversial Backing Black abstinence campaign.
The team were on a scheduled day off today but assistant coach Steve Hansen fronted a brief media opportunity at the team hotel.
"Please, let's not go there," was his response to a query about abstinence.
Hansen said their focus was on beating the Springboks in their Tri-Nations test this weekend....

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