Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kiwis will welcome the World at the RWC September 2011 here... A place with a BUZZ!

Auckland water front ! 
A great Vibe - pics captured last Saturday...

You can do the Wynyard Loop on the new tram circuit.
Then explore the vast new water front area, where modern sculptures and spacious well equipped kiddy playgrounds merge with the face of the old dockyard with mills, containers (converted into an information office and toilets) and large warehouses, converted into wharf eateries - including Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian amongst others... are all easily accessible.
Auckie Water Front's a place to eat, imbibe the fabulous views and vistas, sight see, walk, ride, play, mellow and mix...

The seafood and fish market is one of the attractions not to be missed...   

And the water front is a place for boats, buskers and bikers... and on the boulevards, anything from toddler wheels to granny wheels, roller blades and kiddy scooters abound... it's also a great place to walk the dog... and then there is the fabulous new Viaduct Events Centre where a hundred and one happenings will be featured.


The sealink ferry will be able to bring passengers across to the viaduct.    

And folk can get from the one old water front area to the new across the drawbridge - which is drawn up to let yachts through at intervals.
The viaduct is in walking distance from the Britomart Central Station, so no need to even bring the car to the city !
So what are you waiting for ?





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