Friday, August 19, 2011

Watch this space for Kiwi wonders; today for the boys - KIWIS & CARS !



Kiwis are car lovers - old and new & almost every car is seen as the iconic Kiwi car!

tHIS bLOG pOST is 4 the bOYZ ! (aND 4 gALS & gRANS lIKE mE.)

Kiwi's also love their wacky personalised plates ! 
When we get permanent residency,  my plate is gonna 
be 'Jabula' ! (Happy in IsiZulu.)


Cars are quite a reasonable price - second hand cars are imported from Japan - we got my super Alfa 156  2003 model on an auction for $7,500! It's a V6 and has a great purr !

And we have my Z3 for sale, which we bought 2nd hand - also imported from Japan....
There are also loads of cars for sale parked on the side of some roads with price, contact details etc on them.... so best not to import a car... that will be bringing coals to Newcastle.... and also there are emission control rules to abide by.... lord knows why when some of the cars here have exhaust pipes fat enough to climb into and the bad boys (hoons) love doing doughnuts ! Boy Racers do it at their peril... cops are ever vigilant, offenders have their licences removed and ongoing offenders' cars are confiscated.... and can even be crushed !!
But driving on the motorways is safe as can be, with a max speed of 100km an hour and 70 or 80 km on semi rural roads and 50km in the cities.... and there are speed traps and pleasant cops to call on... :)

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