Tuesday, August 2, 2011

EXODUS - disquieting poem on leaving SA contributed by American Poet

contributed by American Poet - Scot Rossin - 2011

We've got to leave this place
he said
the gov hereabouts
is corrupt and doesn't give a damn
thieves and murderers wielding through the land
high and low
small matter should they wear khaki or rags
when one wakes to hear a window rattling
a door jimmied
the scuttling of ransack
the serrated whisper of your throat being cut
the blood of babies
to the bland backbeat bass
of official reassurance

 The Hebrews had Moses
of course
and a bush of blood and thunder whispering in his ear
 the wilderness beckoning 
forty years of manna raining down
the pesky army of Pharaoh
safely tsunamied

We've only the net

Arguments abound
sins of the pioneer fathers
reaping what was sown

bloody politicians
inexorable march of history and consequence

let us bicker in the parlor

sound the details
amid the tides of rationalization
the consuming wash of entitlement
voices rising
as the garden outside explodes in flame

sad truth
one day
one laces up the old traveling boots

the day after the yard sale

says a loving goodbye
to the loveless land 
 heaves oneself to the airport

to bound up and away
regret and optimism 
 atumble in one's breast
as the beautiful countryside below
recedes and recedes
as does heartbreak  


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