Thursday, July 14, 2011

Arrived in Auckland, NZ 3 years ago TODAY from SA to start a new chapter.

THREE YEARS TODAY ! 14 July 2008-2011
Wikipedia: The idiom "Crossing the Rubicon" means to pass a point of no return, and refers to Julius Caesar's crossing of the (Rubicon) river in 49 BC, which was considered an act of insurrection. Because the course of the river has changed much since then, it is impossible to confirm exactly where the Rubicon flowed when Caesar and his legions crossed it.
I NEEDED TO REFLECT honour the process which I have been through and to reflect back at my life and what I've learnt in the 3 years here in New Zealand, 
(and the years preceding my emigration).

I've learnt ....
Click to show "Quiet Strength" result 21. That life is unpredictable.                                                             And to Never say NEVER !
 2. To never to take anything in my life for granted.
3. That my love for my family in SA & NZ  is profoundly 
deep and boundless.
Click to show " pics images standing on own two feet " result 164. To stand on my own two feet.

5. That I'm stronger than I thought I was. 6. And more courageous. 
7. That one is never too old to learn to 'start again'. 

8. The art of starting at the bottom of the rung all over again and having to relearn, build myself up and be truly valued and 'counted' again.
9. That eating humble pie did nobody, including me any harm.


10. That life without 
constant subconscious fear
 of unknown or unexpected threats is a blessing.

Most importantly I have learnt that although I'm away from the 57 years I had before this life, that those roots have not been dislodged. I am not a rootless plant without soil, water, nourishment, light or sunshine, floating in the cosmos without any direction, heritage or foundation. I have discovered that I'm not metaphorically dead. That I do exist. That I'm phenomenologically and existentially still here, roots and all. 

that nothing is lost. Nothing is wasted. 
Nothing is insuperable Nothing is futile.
All the lessons of life which I learnt during my formative years as a child in South Africa, through to my adulthood, better equipped me to be a survivor here in New Zealand. My previous life formed me, moulded me, offered me challenges and opportunities. 
Blyde River Canyon - South African Landscape Photography

It taught me to be brave -
and a myriad other
qualities; to be compassionate,empathic and daring. 
It taught me to be flexible and versatile, spontaneous, robust and innovative.My life in SA taught me to develop self-belief, self-confidence and to be fearless about my  professional growth and my perennial further studies. It taught me tolerance and ubunthu. I have learnt that nothing is cast in stone, that despite us all being individuals with each culture having its own quirks and idiosyncrasies, cultural mores and norms, that we're all children of the universe with similarities, frailties, vulnerabilities, strengths and dreams... and that one can thus adjust to a new life just about anywhere. As Shylock said, 'We all have RED blood' !
This isn't Mars nor Venus. It isn't that alien. It's far from home across a vast ocean, and can never replace home, but it is familiar. And human beings do have an amazing capacity to adapt; as many of our intrepid forefathers did, who went on ancient sailing ships to Africa in search of adventure, a quest, pilgrimage, as labourers or to seek a new life.
If one is living a life imprisoned by either real or metaphorical  constraints of high walls, fences, gates, alarms, burglar bars, two -way radios, solar beams, remote controls etc etc... one is allowed to sing que sera sera...likewise if one ventures out into a new life with different challenges elsewhere!
Que sera sera whatever will be will be, the future's not ours to see, que sira sira !
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  1. Happy Three Year Anniversary guys!

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