Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hair Raising Ways to Celebrate Getting Residency!





 Me: Age 60.

  Likes - colour, the 5 senses, being                   
 adventurous, brave and a little silly -  
I had opted to have the Rasberry Beret and Blueberry Hill hair colours done as part of my Residency Celebration  !!       
Experience - 3 fun hours at Rodney Wayne Salon, New Lynn, West Auckland.
Outcome -  sipping cappuccino, reading glossy magazines, watching everyone having their hair done from young women, to metro-males to other Nanas; entranced by 
a world of mirrors, reflections, light effects... chatting to my lovely and highly skilled colour stylist, Antz, and the charming owner, Debbie, listening to funky music and permitting myself to drift in a wondrously hypnotic haze of, dare I say it,  well-earned relaxation... in which time stood still and where, for a change, the clock didn't control my life... 
Every woman needs a pamper - now & again. There
are Vacant 
currently advertised. Train, apply for a work visa and get an apprenticeship at one of the leading salons in Auckland, or other NZ destinations.

     Final Outcome - 
The Hair extravaganza !

                                          And then it was my turn.... in a world without airbrushing, make-overs or professional photo-shoots...and where my youth feels as though it was in a previous life!

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