Friday, July 1, 2011

Scotch Macaskill's wildlife photography

    WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER                                     

"My interest in wildlife photography has 
developed in tandem with travels to some 
of southern Africa's great parks and nature 
reserves. Now work from home, developing
 my wildlife photography website and blog ."
Zebra's Eye by Scotch Macaskill

                     Words taken from Scotch's website.
                                    "My name’s Scotch Macaskill
                        (it’s a nickname – real name Andrew) 
                          and I live in the Pietermaritzburg area, 
                              near Durban, South Africa." 
 "Although I originally practised law, I realised 
after few years that law was not for me, so 
I bailed out and opted for photojournalism.                                                  
More study,this time a three-year photography 
diploma.I subsequently worked on newspapers
and magazines in South Africa and Australia... a photojournalist and sub-editor, tried my 
as a commercial photographer, and then spent 
hand about 10 years working for a small company     
that manufactures safari clothing."
 "My interest in wildlife photography has 

 developed in tandem with travels to some 
 of southern Africa's great parks & nature 
 reserves. Now work from home, 
developing my    
wildlife photographty and website blog."                                                                                                                                     
      This blog is dedicated to Saffers, and everyone around the world who has a passion for the African landscape and wildlife and who have a keen interest in wildlife photography and the preservation of wildlife. 
     For more info on Scotch Macaskill, check out his website and blog.  


  1. I love your pics Scotch and hope you will let me update this page from time to time. E.

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