Wednesday, June 29, 2011


    'It's good news week... someone dropped a bomb somewhere contaminating atmosphere' >>> lyrics of a song...

        But YES YES YES, IT IS GOOD NEWS WEEK without the bomb !
The Immigration lawyer has just called us a minute ago !!!! How fortuitous is that having just kicked my blog into first gear ?
We have been granted Residency Visa's....  a long haul, but what an achievement !
In NZ one must be 55 or younger. But once can be granted residency based on a profession on the Skills' Shortage list  which one applies for to the Minister of Immigration.
And my darling psychically inclined daughter said yesterday, 'Mum you'll hear this week' - after we've been waiting for what has felt like an eternity !

Funny Vuvuzela Pictures (41 pics + 2 gifs)
Vuvuzelas yadda yadda !!!!

How to apply for residency:
You can go via an Immigration lawyer. For us it was the way to go. One needs to cough up $ and have medicals, police clearance and submit one's passports, plus CVs, testimonials, qualification transcripts, proof of marriage etc....quite a lengthy process, but worth it for peace of mind, instead of having to renew one's work visa every 2 years ! Once one has residency one is able to benefit from various support systems and feel more like a Kiwi !

    And now I want to celebrate as soon as this bout of winter flu's over !

<<Thank you Thank you Thank you REJOICE Thank you  Thank you >>

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