Friday, June 10, 2011

 This pic is of the Hemming family taken at my husband's 60th birthday at a quaint hotel in the Dargle area, KZN, South Africa.

Little did we know then, what we know now....- what would ensue resulting in where we are today;
5 years later ! A 'shrapnelled' family.


            Aghhh... but that's a long story.

First things first - here I am at 60 learning how to be a blogger ! Quite an achievement for a techno- twit. Our lovely daughter created this site for me in Nov. 2010. Yes, it's taken me 6 months to actually find the courage to navigate myself INTO the site and hence attempt to publish a post :)

With time, I hope to actually have a few followers. Kate has a well developed blog on her experiences of emigrating. My objective is possibly a little different and may be a Tad Tangential. I'd like to write spontaneously and just when the mood prevails. I'm not likely to astonish anyone with my literary genius nor to come up with any great earth shaking Epiphanies (other than our own)... and am sure its just a reinvention of the wheel... ( smile.) But allow me, please... to indulge myself and share the journey with you; through the eyes of a grandmother severed from some of her beloved children and grandchildren by a twist of fate, to start a metaphorical rebirth of a life anew,.... in the hopes that it will assist/support anyone else in a similar situation....

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