Saturday, June 11, 2011

Epiphanies happen when least expected >a slow germination to a ka-ching aha moment to emigrate

An epiphany happens when one least expects it. That's what happened to us....  in January 2008 when we lived in Winterskloof, KZN, SA.

Something goes
 'ka-ching ka-ching' 
in the convoluted labyrinths of the mind...  almost like the money spitting out at the ATM.

It's a long story... it will unfold... An epiphany is about synchronicity... when one reads a paradigm altering book (mine spanned the Russian Revolution through to WW2 and its impact on vast parts of the planet) - simultaneously to experiencing a conglomeration of happenings ;  - witnessing a mother's inconsolable grief, after the accidental and utterly futile death of her game ranger son, the kindling of an idea which transposes another idea... 
after a series of psyche'-bludgeoning events... 

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