Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Starting Work in West Auckland - 21 July 2008

My new job as a psychologist  
      in West Auckland>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The day before I drove, with the able assistance of Tom-Tom my GPS, to find my new office, establish where I'd park etc. I was pretty terrified, but also excited. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. For the past 30 plus years I'd been a special needs' teacher and school principal and hadn't used my psychology much, other than having a few private clients in a counselling capacity.
I'd set the alarm on both my alarm clock, PLUS on my mobile phone, because 'hell no' I'd  have been worse than mortified if I'd over- slept, and having only been on NZ terrafirma exactly a week, still with jetlag jellylegs, oversleeping was highly probable.....
After tossing and turning and falling into a restless sleep, my mobile rang and bleary-eyed I padded into the kitchen in my slippers to wearily switch the kettle on. Went to run my bath and then to switch my clock alarm off.                
  It was 2 a.m. ! It was a text message from my SA friend, Ali,  that had come through on my mobile, not the alarm. To this day Ali hasn't worked this time difference thing out. In Winter we're ten hours ahead and in Summer 11 hours ahead. (We move clocks every six months, to maximise the Summer, enjoying balmy long days with sunsets after 8pm.) 

 I fell back into my welcoming warm bed on a chilly night in my Titirangi apartment and slept like the dead until the 6.30 a.m.wake up call ... bolted out of bed ....
                                New work -place here I come !

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