Friday, June 24, 2011

Arriving in The Land of the Long White Cloud >>>>

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I arrived in NZ on the 14th July 2008 - almost 3 years ago ! How time flies>>>>>>  I won't discuss the whole build up; the packing, selling a home, cars and goodies, finding homes for doggies, the farewell party where we all dressed in red and purple ala the renowned poem and the sobbing, like I've never sobbed before all the way from Durban to Johannesburg, so much so that the plane must have lurched a few times ! I wanted to get on the next plane back to my ENTIRE beloved family, (husband, 3 kids, 3 kids in- law and at that time 4, whom I said goodbye to at the old airport in Durban. Somehow I willed myself onto that plane to Hong Kong and then after 14 miserably lonely hours in the airport, sleeping on a hard-as-hell bench clinging on to my camera, laptop and luggage for dear life... departed for Auckland... so YES, that part is not for the faint-hearted !  

     But I'm proud I did it, and survived ! 

The acclaimed poet Keats said 'Happiness is sharpened by its antithetical elements' and I live by that credo.

Pic overlooking Armour Bay, near where we now live in  Laingholm, NZ !

My husband arrived two months later, followed by our daughter, her husband, and our two grand kids, 18 months later... And here we all are. Yes, Africa remains in the bones and marrow, but I console   myself that it is there, the age-old continent. And here's our life of new adventures, experiences and a new chapter.......This is what the epiphany presented to us. Hopefully I will share some snippets and experiences of the past 3 years on my blog, as well as any advice for would be immigrants, combined and interspersed with some SA memories... they will be short 'n sweet, as my leisure time presents a challenge ! I'm not here on a paid holiday and have a demanding profession. But that will come later :) Hamba gashle and all that.

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