Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Kiwikaner website for SA wannabes to check out

I have taken the liberty to forward this Kiwikaner

 website info to my blog for wannabe immigrants 

to read and to find loads of useful info  !

Saffers wanna help Saffers :)


Welcome to Kiwikaner!

We all know that thousands of South Africans are migrating. 
Almost all of us have some family living overseas or have 
friends with family living overseas.  Most of them are migrating to New Zealand 
and Australia.  While others find their way to the USA, Canada and Great Britain
 among most countries. The problem is that we don't know about each other and 
therefore we struggle a lonesome
struggle with no one that really understands what you are going through.  
You don't know 
where to go and who to ask for more info on migration. 
Kiwikaner is a website we created for everybody that still want to migrate, 
or that are in the process of migrating right now to NEW ZEALAND. 
If you are still in South Africa and need to start researching how to migrate
 to New Zealand - then this is the best website to start your journey! 
We don't sell anything on our website.  We just offer warm Kiwi and South African friendship!
 I strongly advice you to do 2 things:
     1.  Go through our website in 
 order. Firstly visit all the pages under the 
 of Welcome to Kiwikaner! 
Then move on to 'This is New Zealand'
 with all its dropdowns, 
then to Ways to migrate and Visas' 
with all its dropdowns. 

Spend some time at 'Is it worth it?' with its dropdowns  
Go to to ALL the dropdown pages under these headings. 
 It will help you to understand what we are trying to say much better.
2.  Lastly, go to our Links - Know before you go! page last, but definately go there.  
We have loaded some of the best New Zealand and ex-pat websites we could find. 
 Websites like Kiwiboer and SA going to NZ 
will not just be informative but will save you a lot of money and despare. 
On this website we will try to inform you.  Feel free ask questions or to to 
get in contact with Kiwikaner as well.  In a nutshell -
 lets help each other through a sometimes difficult and stressful process.
When you decide to migrate I strongly advise you to make contact 
with ex-South Africans by starting with the Ex-pat Support Group
These nice people will help you in the following ways:

  • Give you info and advise even before you migrate
  • Receive you at Auckland Airport when you land
  • Help you with basic needs like a first meal
  • Guide you through the Kiwi lifestyle in a group meeting
  • CAP - Christians Against Poverty
  • Help to find you initial accommodation after you landed - 
  • speak to them before you come!
  • Give you free advise regarding all your financial needs like life insurance, 
  • general insurance and loans
  • Help you to bring your funds over from your current country to New Zealand
  • Introduce you to a reliable and effective recruitment agency that covers 
  • all industries in Auckland and countrywide in New Zealand
  • Help you to find a house - whether you want to rent or buy
  • Introduce you to the South African community through Doxa Deo - 
  • an Afrikaans church that really cares
Lastly, feel free to take part in our polls at the bottom of each page.  
Be prepared to spend hours of great informative website surfing!  
You came to the right website.

May God bless you on your adventurous journey,
PS:  Kiwikaner is a combination of the words 'Kiwi' - 
referring to New Zealand - 
and 'Afrikaner' - referring to South Africa.
Natuurlik kuier ons ook lekker in Afrikaans! 
 Die website is in Engels om mense wêreldwyd 
te akkomodeer, maar as jy in Afrikaans 
wil laat waai is jy meer as welkom.  Kiwikaner.


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