Sunday, June 26, 2011

'Crossing the Rubicon'

Get Stuffed !

That's the title of an eatery on Waiheke... (one of our favourite places -a teeny arty island 40 mins by ferry from                      Auckland.)

But it did get me thinking..... When one emigrates one has some folk back home who are furious and tell you to go and 'get stuffed', whilst others are amazingly supportive and say 'You're doing the right thing' and they wish they could come along too, but for a myriad reasons can't, while others are a tad envious but don't have the wherewith all to make it happen. It's all about circumstances, and as I have said in many of my published articles, 'It takes all sorts to make a world'.  Emigration ain't for sissies, I reiterate, and it requires just as much courage, balls and gumption to leave and start a new life outside one's familiar comfort zone as it does to stay at home and face the unpredictable music. It's an incredibly personal choice and no one can make it for you, as it is life -altering... profound and not to be taken lightly. (Yes, people do go back but at a massive cost, and it ain't a full dress rehearsal, so it's about having an epiphany, or at any rate feeling convinced about one's choice.) If one leaves one's country with a negative approach, it simply won't work. It requires 101 % dedication, commitment and positivism.

Pray, meditate, eat, love, reflect 
                                      making the great
     Rubicon crossing :) 

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