Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Book on Immigration!

About my Book on Immigration
 (SA to NZ and SA to Oz) >>>including a tapestry of tales....
It is a almost surreal in its profundity in undertaking to share the close -up and personal intimacy, the deep pain, the immense adaptation, the liberation of taking the plunge, the severance from all that one knows ... in a book.
 Only an immigrant can fully comprehend the enormity of such an undertaking... in essence about the rediscovery and redefining of the self and about the courage to undertake the journey and to reveal one's inner soul.
I am on that journey... have scribbled down raw feelings, thoughts, emotions, reflections for several years now... on teeny pieces of paper lodged into a compartment in my handbag, or on scrap paper in my car to jot down a thought at a red traffic light, or next to my bed if I have an 'aha' thought in the middle of a long night... (combined with the content from my published articles over the past several years and my blog...)
And... after 3 and a half years as a migrant, today the name of my long in the making book was finally  born !

It almost feels too intimate to share to the world right now - only to a select group of people at this stage.
For now I am asking for moral support in my undertaking; as to knit and weave together these writings saved on my laptop, on the wee scraps of paper, and tucked in my head and heart will take time.
I'm also asking for contributions of either a poem on immigration, or of your thoughts, reflections, advice to wannabe migrants, of your regrets, wishes, heartaches, joys and celebrations from 5 to 95 year olds !
(Kindly email me at for more info.)

These contributions can be woven into the body of my own tale to give it a flamboyant richly textured  pot pourri and can be anonymous or acknowledged.

Patchwork - Eva-Markos.

A % of proceeds from the book (if it sells !) will go towards Saffers Needing Support in NZ. (SNS)


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  2. Hi Eve
    I have looked for the SNS or Saffers Needing Support face book site but nothing comes up. Please can you send us the link? Thanks!
    (Abu Dhabi - UAE
    PS: The info all came up in Arabic so excuse the birthday/number ID instead of my name!