Saturday, December 10, 2011

Franklin Road's Famous Christmas Lights, Auckland NZ

Fabulously Famous 
Franklin Road in Ponsonby,
Auckland, NZ !
Each year Franklin Road homes come alive with the most startlingly beautiful display of Christmas lights. Thousands of people come to see the spectacle. We went along with our kids and grand kids (as our SA family were over to visit, too) last Christmas. 
It was indeed a memorable night ! I'm sure it will become an annual event on our calendar, as it's a children's visual delight and all it costs is a walk !

The most famous NZ Christmas lights are up on Auckland's most festive street - 
Franklin Road.
Elaborately-lit houses draw flocks of onlookers from across the city.
Residents generally agree to involve carol singers and performers who add to the atmosphere on the street.
The street has donned Christmas lights for 
19 years and is a non-profit community initiative.
Info from The NZ Herald.


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