Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Cheer to Ya All Far 'n Wide !

Dear Blog Readers
A Christmas message from me :)
Thanks for your loyal support in reading my blog;- for the criticism, appreciation & feedback. It's only been going for about 6 months, and already has had close to 4000 hits. It's Christmas time soon, and irrespective of whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it  travels all over the world and is a time when we have a sense of connectivity to humanity far & wide.

Everything gets said over and over again - every year... about putting Christ back into Christmas, about the madness of the frivolity, the lavish spending and hedonistic feasting, when others go hungry with no gifts or reason for joy.

It is hard. And life it isn't fair. But at the same time, many amazing people open their homes to the lonely on Christmas Day and abundant gifts and items of food are donated to the poor around the world. So I do believe that some generosity is spread around at Christmas time and for that I give thanks. In a perfect world all would have enough and all would have joy... May we never stop aspiring to a better, more caring world...To you all - I wish you joy, peace, happiness, friendship, family times, love, forgiveness, inner wealth and good health.

And for the Kids !

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