Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Watch this space ! Rugby, Politics and Christmas in KiwiLand !

 WATCH THIS SPACE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I smiled all the way home today as I drove across this vast wonderful city and everywhere it's festooned with flags and placards and action, and in shop windows to add to it is the Christmas glitz and bling...
All Black Flags are still flying to celebrate the glory of the RWC; - on walls, on windows, from tree tops and on cars... 
and added to that are now the political flags and billboards..

I am not too politically savvy and am not promoting any political party here, (as well as I'm not entitled to, anyway )!  I'm just sharing with the world about the BUZZ on our little island !

The National Party (Blue) are currently the Government. 
John Key is the Prime Minister.

The Labour Party (Red) are currently the chief opposition, lead by Phil Goff. 

And then there is the Green Party...  

And other parties as well... a list of all the political parties is below.

Saturday is voting day.... yes we don't get a day off  
to vote tra la la....
So, for now it is like a Smartie box with the All Blacks, 
Blues, Reds and Greens... plus all the Christmas colours too !
 Oh my word, and I'm fascinated to see there is also a 'Legalise Cannabis Party', too....

You have to love this crazy country.... and all the hullabaloo, party politics, the storm in a tea cup story and the political jibing... 
    File:New Zealand Labour logo 2011.svg



Party name
The ACT Party
Conservative Party

New Citizen Party
NZ First
Labour Party

The Alliance
Green Party
Green Party
Kiwi Party logo
Kiwi Party
Democrats logo
Democrats for social credit
National Party

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