Sunday, November 20, 2011

I am writing a Book ! Again >>>

I am writing a Book... (sigh) and the again bit doesn't mean that I have a hoard of published books...(other than the one weeny one on drama therapy). It means that I have started LOTS of books. The difference is that a book doesn't just need a START point, it also needs a FINISH point... 

This one I hope to finish with your help - yes yours !  In essence that means it will be OUR BOOK.
My book may be seen as a reinvention of the wheel, but there are never enough stories told. It will be about the stories of people's lives; of their blood, guts, pain, trauma, confusion, deliberation, angst and then their decision to leave. It will be about how they combated their personal pain as they went on their Odyssey to cross the metaphorical borders of their lives to a new place.

This book is about the people who moved from South Africa and environs to New Zealand; why they left - their very personal and intimate stories - and why they chose New Zealand (Land of the long white cloud). 

And about the process, the adaptation, the sense of loss and finally acceptance, the regrowth in a new place, else their choice to return to their home land and their reflections on their resettlement back home.

 The Book doesn't have a name yet... there are ideas, but it will germinate when the content of your stories and mine together speak to me.

Please email me at to share your emigration stories- SA to NZ.

Photographs which I took of the
NZ skyline during 2011.


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