Monday, March 18, 2013

Scatterlings- A Tapestry of Afri-Expat Tales

SCATTERLINGS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dear wonderful people (who have contributed to the book or supported and assisted me...)

I have re-submitted my book to the publishers this week, having done a bit of trimming and reducing and gaining consent from writers of published works etc.

I feel humbled and privileged to have so many notable, as well as regular people's work in my book and feel that I am merely a conduit.

No, I won't make a fortune out of the book and yes, if I do, you will come to the celebration!

What are the objectives of the book, you may ask ?

1. It was part of my personal healing as I went through the painful motions of migration and confronted my own metaphysical crisis.

2. In going through the journey, I felt that my research and engagement in the process could benefit others in the same predicament.

3. The more I wrote and learnt, the less I wrestled with myself and the more at peace I became about honouring my grief, about respecting individual choice; to stay in SA or to leave or to return... or to leave again ! My book chronicles such stories in it !

4. This made me ever more aware of the complexity of the migration story, the passion and power of the human spirit, the determination and resilience, as well as the collective pull that Africa holds for us all; regardless of where we are on this mortal plane.

5. It made me ever more acutely aware of the complexity of the Southern African legacy; the history, the politics, the pain, angst, brutality, bloodshed, greed, stupidity, inequity, confusion... and oh, the lessons to be learned, as well as the need for healing, forgiveness and solutions.

6. As I began to heal, my love for Africa returned and my anger and hurt diminished, although it still hurts and always will.

7. In writing my bit of the book and collating others' stories, I came to realise that we are all interconnected and all on a continuum from one extreme to the other; we are all fallible and human, full of human error, yet survivors. We are all Africans and we take that African spirit with us far and wide.

8. In writing/collating the book, I learned that in Africa, as with everywhere else, greed and entitlement and materialism is humanity's downfall and yet competition is what keeps humanity alive.

9. I have learnt how vulnerable we all are.

10. I have learnt to value the moment.

Thank you for being part of my journey !


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